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Termites & How to Get Rid of Them in New Orleans Climate

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Termites And Ants In Your Home

Termites and ants are among the most destructive yet very dangerous pests in the world today. A termite infestation in your home if it goes unnoticed can destroy almost everything in the house, more at Termite & Pest Control New Orleans. On the other hand ants can cause food contamination and just make your life a miserable one. This therefore means that in case you notice any infestation of both termites and ants it is important to act very fast. It is because of this that New Orleans pest control companies insist on eradication of these pests before they become a real problem. The following are important pest control tips that can help in dealing with ants and termites.

Cardboard traps

Cardboard is known to attract termites simply because it contains cellulose. What you have to do is to cut the cardboard into small strips and wet the strips with water and place them strategically places where you suspect the termites to be. After a few minutes the termites will come to feed on the cardboard strips. You can now take the strips and burn them to completely eliminate the termites. Repeat this method several times. This method is recommended by the New Orleans pest control professionals as the best for most home owners.

Use insecticides and sprays

There are plenty of insecticides and sprays in most pest control stores in New Orleans that can kill termites and ants. It is however important to buy the best quality pesticides from reputable New Orleans pest control companies who will not only sell genuine quality pesticides but also offer advice on how to completely eliminate the pests. But when doing this on your own it is important to exercise safety precautions as most pesticides and sprays are poisonous and harmful to people and even animals.

Seek professional help

Sometimes doing something by yourself is never the right thing to do especially when dealing with pests and chemicals. You are therefore advised to seek help from professionals or experts who will help carry out the eradication process with care and effectiveness. Although they are sometimes expensive, they are the best people to go for help especially in case of a huge infestation of termites or ants. The New Orleans pest control companies offer a wide range of pest control from ant and termite control to rodent control and elimination. Seek their services and all your termite problems will be solved.

Use of nematodes

Nematodes are parasites or animals that feed on ants and termites to survive and they cause no harm to human beings or other animals. Nematodes have been used to kill and eliminate termites and ants for a long time now. To know the type of nematodes that can help you in eradicating these pests you can visit the New Orleans pest control experts if you live in New Orleans who can help you in identifying the best nematodes and even sell some to you to ensure that you successfully get rid of these pests.

To conclude, the above tips on how to get rid of termites and ants are aimed at equipping people facing an ant infestation or termite infestation in New Orleans or any other part of the world with the best methods on eliminating these pests.